Or in my case, it's been welcome home to summer in Vail, CO.  I finally made my off-season escape to the islands on May 22 after weeks of snow and cold in the Rockies.  It seemed that summer was never going to arrive in Vail!  I needed my taste of warm weather and the tropics seemed the best place to get it. Unfortunately, warm weather turned into "unseasonably hot" according to the locals and while the scenery, sailing, snorkeling, seafood and general unplugging were more than worth the trip, I was ready to get back to the mountains by the end of it. 

My point is that everywhere I travel - and I love exploring - I am always happy to come home to Colorado.  Each time I come back after a trip, I find a new found appreciation for where I live.  The drive from DIA to the Vail Valley puts a smile on my face as I soak in the Rocky Mountain scenery and I find myself saying over and over, "It is so beautiful here!".

Summer finally arrived in Vail while I was gone and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I can't get over the deep blue skies, budding aspen trees and roaring rivers.  I've been in shorts and t-shirts loving the warm, dry temperatures.  Events are getting underway, as well, and kick off with tomorrow's free concert for the start of the Teva Mountain Games. 

Welcome to Vail Summer - it's an amazing place to be!