Mother Nature has been holding back on us and is now making up for lost time.  Vail has had major snow storms the last three weeks - usually on Thursday or Friday - that have been big enough to shut down I-70 for a few hours.  In retrospect, a small price to pay for such great snow.  This week, she decided to deliver early.  Vail Mountain has had 32" of snow in the past 48 hours.  That's almost 3 feet of fluffy whiteness!!!  Needless to say words like "epic", "amazing" and the "best day(s) of the season" are being thrown around by guests and locals alike.  

One of our guests stopped by yesterday, after the first 13", and said "this is not spring skiing".  Actually, it kind of is.  What people don't get, no matter how often we try to tell them, is that spring skiing is pretty awesome.  One day you'll have sunshine and 50 degree weather with soft, slushy corn snow that's fun in its own right.  The next day it might look like full on winter and you'll be getting face shots.  Vail does get snow storms in the spring and there are statistics out there showing that March and April are historically Vail's snowiest months.  Funny thing is, I could talk about this 'til I'm blue in the face and people still wouldn't believe until they experience it themselves.  Oh well, guess it will just be our little secret.  Sometimes we're happy to have the powder all to  ourselves!