We have an owner at Lodge at Lionshead who is a diehard skier from Boulder, CO.  He emailed us snow predictions from a friend along with the message below a few days ago.  According to the report, Vail's snow forecast for 2010-11 looks very promising.  And if it looks promising, we're not going to argue with it!

"Thought you may enjoy the “snow forecast”. It came from guy in Aspen who’s been “right on” the past 5 years. They hated his forecast last year in Aspen, but he was right, no early snow.  (This season) 475” for Vail. I hope I have to shovel my roof 3x this year!"

We hope he has to shovel a lot, too.  If you want to see the science behind the prediction, click here - SNOW FORECAST 2010-11.

Think snow!!!