The third themed week of Vail Restaurant Month is "LoveFest".  Events are all about the romance and it seems you'll find champagne specials just about everywhere you go.  There are even events with childcare for all of you parents out there needing a date night!

Fall weather is still holding on, but cooler weather and possible snow is in the forecast this weekend.  Good for outdoor activities?  Not really.  Good for romance?  You bet!  Is there anything more romantic than cozying up by the fireplace in the mountains?  Not that we can think of, but here are some others activities that could come in close second:  

Champagne Breakfast at Centre V
Blu's Romantic Champagne Breakfast All Day Long
"Taste of Forbidden Love" at Restaurant Kelly Liken
Lovefest Champagne Celebration at Sweet Basil
Aphrodisiac Dinner at La Tour
Veuve Clicquot Champagne & Oysters at Sapphire
Lovefest Fashion at Arriesgado
Little Foodies in the Kitchen: "Winner Dinners"
"Kid's Corner" Dinner & Dessert Creation Station at Restaurant Kelly Liken
A Romantic Evening (with childcare) at The Wildflower

Happy LoveFest week to all of you romantics out there!