It has been feeling an awful lot like fall lately which is depressing to the locals because it is only August 20th and our summers are short enough as it is.  Each hour of summer is precious to us and we hold on for as long as we can.  I'd even venture to say you might have to drag some of us kicking and screaming into winter.  And we like winters - really we do - it is just that they are much longer than our beloved - shorter - summers.

Luckily, it is feeling more like summer today and we are happy!  Plus, there are plenty of summer events that haven't occurred yet which make us feel like summer is still here for a little while longer.  This weekend is a prime example.  Tonight, we have free Jazz at Vail Square & the Beaver Creek Rodeo.  Friday, the Vail Antique Festival starts in Lionshead and runs through Sunday.  Friday night, 2-time World Cup Ski Champion from Vail, Lindsey Vonn, hosts a pep rally in Lionshead.  Epic Passes will be on sale.  If you don't know about this great deal, see my previous blog post.  Also, this weekend is the Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits Festival.  If you love food and/or spirits or dessert (there is a fantastic "Drinks & Desserts" event!), this is for you.  Of course, all of the "usual" events are still taking place - FAC at Eagle's Nest, Minturn Farmers' Market, Vail Farmers' Market, gondola rides...summer is not over yet!  Enjoy it while you still can.