Another ski season in Vail, Colorado is ending which always leaves a spot in my heart as I hate to see it go. I look back at all the faces of our return guests who are more like friends or family and smile. It was so good to see all of you and some we missed this year. I would like to send a special "Thank You" to all of those who did return to Lodge at Lionshead during these trying economical times:

Neville Family, Schlosser Family, Engle Family, Matt Nichter & Frank Malone Group, Constandse Family, John Fitch, Salah Family,
Balas Family, George Vogel & guys, Matthews Family, Monecke Family, Tolmie Family, Vieth Family, Bob Younquist & guys,
Gary Messmer, Bill Gross, Jeff Trenton, John Stromberg, Greg Brooksbanks, Nadler Family, Ed Thompson Group, Dr. Gary Miya,
Benito & the Doug Girod Group, The Rozenberg Group Families, Bobby Arrd, Laurie Gaspar, Jim Aird, Ron McGee, Steve Gistenson, Jim Belk, Jeff McCormick guys group, Bernie Doft, Beth Huddleston, Lisa Simon, Dick Simon and Joe Abelera, Francis Colyer, Howard Agranat, Jackie Kennard, Berglass Family, Rex Ferry Group, Greenblatt Family, Mac Innes Family, Negry Family, Arasanz Family, Said Family, The Countdown Powell Family, Mark Sinacori & Group, Dr. A.J. Telmos, Correa Family, Needell Family, Art Marchesini, Altieri Family, David Goldring, Dr. & Mrs. Hayman, De Mar Family, Reddington Family, Villablanca Family, Rinker Family, Dow Family, Miller-Rockman-Wildman-Adler Families, Fash Family, Malesinska/Kohutniki Family, Julio Velez Family, Thomas Byrne, Larry Labriola, Browning-Small Family, Sue Erikson Family, David Upton, Fosk Family, Jim Teets, Bill & Connie Mills, Aldarondo Family, Tara Pardo Family, Dan Dwyer Group, Sally McElwreath/ Joe Callo and Chris Hamilton.

We truly appreciate your patronage and the smiles you bring to our property year after year. We hope you had a great year and we look forward to seeing you again and again. Lodge at Lionshead wouldn't be the same without you!