Mother Nature has decided to grace us with lots of beautiful powder snow in recent weeks.  THIS is the type of winter we are used to and that we had been desperately missing this season.  Over my last two "weekends" (Sunday/ Monday) both days have been powder days - and I don't mean wimpy amounts of powder - I mean of the 8 to 11" each day variety.  It has snowed on a daily basis and we've only seen sunshine again the last couple of days. 

All of this snow has made life instantly better in Vail, Colorado.  Smiles are bigger.  Folks have more spring in their steps.  Everyone is happy.  Guests lucky enough to have booked these dates are thrilled!

We hear that Vail's dry spell is over and that March and April should bring a significant increase in snow storms.  We're going to go with the "glass if half full" approach here and believe this prediction.  We sure could get used to these powder days!