It’s a beautiful fall day today and the leaves are in full change mode. This makes me realize how AWESOME it is to live in Vail, especially in the non-snowy months.

My roommate recently read a book called the “The Book of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha and I picked it up one afternoon to find myself enthralled with its contents. Each entry in the book, some 2 or 3 pages and some only one line, talks about things that are just plain AWESOME. Some of my favorites include the one about going through the fast-food drive through and getting home with an extra order of fries. AWESOME! Then there is the entry about high-fiving babies. AWESOME!

Well, I have come up with my own short list of things that happened this summer that were AWESOME. Enjoy!

1. Statebridge is back! This riverfront music destination has risen from the ashes and is now better than ever. If you are like me, one of the saddest days of my life was when I heard that Statebridge had burned down. I had met life-long friends there, seen some of the best concerts there, and made some memories that will stay with me forever. What a moment to walk into the new amphitheater! AWESOME! I had chill bumps all over my body. The builders did an amazing job and I look forward to next summer for more shows, more laughs, and more good times!

2. Palisade Peaches from the Vail Farmer’s Market. AWESOME! When you have to stand over the sink to eat the peach, that’s when you know you’ve got a good one! I’m from Georgia, so I know my peaches. And Palisade peaches are up there as some of the best I’ve EVER had.

3. Rafting in early summer this year was indescribable. No wait, it was AWESOME! I had the chance to go down the upper Eagle river, from Eagle-Vail to Edwards with Timberline Tours. What a ride! It was a class IV at the time and was non-stop action. All that snow-melt made for quite the adventure and even tossed me in the water at one point. I will be doing this again next year and highly recommend to anyone that enjoys an adrenaline rush!

Now, go out there and find your own AWESOME today!