Construction. There is always springtime construction in Vail. We are all used to it by now. They start the day after the mountain closes. It’s inevitable. What projects are they doing this summer? Where will there be slow downs, road closures, path closures, etc. Well, I was wondering the same thing. I hopped on our Lodge cruiser and headed out to see for myself and thought I would share my findings with everyone. It’s always nice to have a bit of insight to things happening around us.

East Lionshead Circle Streetscape. Good news. There is going to be a beautiful new bus stop area with landscaping and even a lawn. Bad news. More construction for Lionshead. The bus stop has been moved 200 yards north, immediately across from the new parking structure. There is a single traffic lane during the day. It doesn’t take long to get through as there is not a huge amount of traffic through that area, but do expect to stop on the way through. This construction site will be there until November, however, no work being done in July and August.

East Meadow Drive. This is definitely not a huge project by any means. The construction site is from Vail Road to Solaris. They are doing some repairs and maintenance to the snowmelt system, and should be finished by June 1. The in-town buses will be doing their farmer’s market route. Meaning, they will stop near 1st Bank, then take a left and go down the South Frontage Rd, turning right after Solaris. It will make a stop there, and continue to the covered bridge. There is a sidewalk through the area for pedestrian traffic, but biking proved to be very difficult for me and I would suggest taking Vail Rd around the construction area.

Vail Library. The library is currently closed and getting a major facelift. More on the inside than outside, though. However, they have moved a ton of books and DVDs to Dobson Ice Arena. You would enter on the upper east side of the building, not the main entrance. There is signage pointing in the right direction in case you get confused (like I did). The library is upgrading their interior lighting, adding new book stacks, putting in a new technology center, and a remodeling the community room. It’s going to be a great new resource for Vail. Very exciting!

NEW Vail Village Gondola. I enjoyed going over to the old Vista Bahn area to see what was happening there. If you haven’t heard, an enclosed gondola, similar to the one here in Lionshead, is replacing the old chair 16. As I cycled by, the tracks were being laid into the ground and there were no chairs or cables, just towers up the mountain. The construction will not affect the pedestrian area but there will not be green lawn there for the summer. The gondola will open for the 2012-2013 ski season.

Arrabelle. You will see some scaffolding around Lionshead village. The folks at Arrabelle are busy doing work on their decks around the building. Unfortunately, Bart and Yeti’s will not be the best deck for beer and food until after the end of June.

Lionsquare Lodge. Renovations are happening to two of the buildings at Lionsquare. This is why you’ll see a construction area to the west of the Lionshead Gondola. Mezzaluna is closed and will not be returning. A new restaurant will take its place but is unknown at this time.

The 50th Anniversary celebration coming later this year is going to be big for our beautiful town. A little town improvement between here and there really is a small price to pay for what’s to come. I can’t wait to see the changes as they make progress on these projects!

For more information, check out the Town of Vail website at