The Grand Tasting was my favorite Taste of Vail event last year.  The event promoters tout is as "the grand daddy of wine and food tastings" and that is just about right.  The ballroom is packed with food stations from Vail's world class restaurants and more wineries than you could possibly imagine.  Chefs bring out the big guns for this unparalleled event and the food is most certainly decadent.  I remember delicious bites of lamb, oysters, ahi tuna and lobster creations last year.  And the wine was fabulous!  My favorites were the David Arthur wines with David himself welcoming patrons to his table.   You'll find a lot of vintners or winery owners in attendance, so you can learn about the different wines you are enjoying right from the horses mouth. 

This year, the Jonny Mogambo Trio will be playing throughout the evening and there will be dancing.  That is, if you can tear yourself away from the outstanding foods and wines long enough to do so.

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Grand Tasting Insider Tips... 

  • Wear cool clothing.  The ballroom will literally be packed with food stations (with hot stoves/ grills), wine stations and people, so it gets warm.  Bring a warm jacket with you - you can check it - for the colder weather we may still be having outside.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.  You'll be standing, walking around or dancing most of the night. 
  • Bring your appetite!  Spend the day skiing and you should be just fine.