If you are at all a history buff or just a loyal Vail skier or rider, you will want to be here next season when Vail Mountain celebrates its 50th Anniversary.  We've been told there will be a number of special events, concerts and surprises throughout the entire season to pay tribute to the legendary resort that Vail has become.  The Vista Bahn will be replaced by a brand new gondola with heated seats and WiFi which will allow one of our new favorite restaurants, The 10th, to offer dinner service next season.  We'll keep you posted as special event details are disclosed! 

In the meantime, here is something to whet your appetite.  I love the video clips of the old days and shots of skiing in the bowls prior to Vail even opening (Milt's Face c. 1958).  Just shows how perfect the terrain was naturally for skiing and the great vision of Vail's founders to discover and develop it into the world class resort it has become.