Wow! What a season!

As we conclude the summer season in Vail, I keep thinking back to a few short months ago. How spring began in March and all the sudden, winter was over. The snow had stopped and we were thrown into record breaking warm temperatures in Vail. While some people were elated over this, many felt like they were cheated and let down by Mother Nature. But, not only did the snow stop, the rain stopped, too. If you have ever been to Vail during the “mud” season, you know that every afternoon we get a short rain shower. Usually it will last about 20 minutes, then disappear. Well, not this year. We were without any precipitation for months. There were wildfires popping up left and right and we all got a bit scared for Vail. Some of us ran and signed up for renter’s insurance and some even gathered their emergency evacuation items into one convenient place. We considered ourselves lucky when nothing happened. Sheesh!

Hot temperatures with little to no rainfall seemed to be the norm for all other parts of the country, as well. The United States was just roasting. Then, about a week before 4th of July, the rain began. Vail breathed a sigh of relief and we all cheered for it to keep coming…and it did! We were back to normal around here, weather wise that is. I think we were the only ones, though. The rest of the country was dying to get out of the heat and that’s when our phones began to ring! Everyone wanted to come up the Rockies and get a little relief. We had the Southeast calling, Texas, the Midwest, New Yorkers, Arizona and New Mexico. We found the Lodge sold out or ¾ full for every weekend from July 4th until Labor Day! Wow!  Check out some of the stats down below. We met so many people and saw them coming back again and again, many getting out of Denver’s scorching heat. It was fun to see the occupancy increase for the weekends, going from half full on Monday to sold out by Thursday. The Sunday farmers market was packed every weekend, rafting trips were sold out, and the restaurants and FAC’s were rockin’! It was GREAT!

Back to September, now. The leaves are almost at their peak of changing color, the temperature are hovering around the mid 60s, and we are still having busy weekends. We love it! All of us here at Lodge at Lionshead are looking forward to the 50th Anniversary celebrations happening all season and the return of record breaking SNOW, not temperatures. Can’t wait to see you all this winter! Cheers!