Passes for the 8th Annual Vail Film Festival are on sale and the program has been announced. Genres this year include Features, Documentaries, Shorts, Animated Shorts, Student Films and Adventure Films. The schedule is packed to the brim! Film screenings - especially for the popular feature films - can be tricky to get into. Even if you have a pass, you are not guaranteed a seat. The secret is to get there early and be ready to stand in line. Passes are tiered so higher level passes get priority. It's kind of like having an A, B or C status for boarding on Southwest Airlines. The difference is if the theatre fills up before your pass level is announced, you're out of luck. The moral of this story - pay more for your pass if you don't want to miss a film. If you don't mind, you can take your chances. We've had good luck in the past as long as we've arrived early enough, and having to wait in line for a film a few years ago meant we got to meet Luke Wilson!

Other celebrity sightings from past festivals include Academy Award nominee Jesse Eisenberg, Jane Seymour (pictured above), Zach Braff (pictured above), Harold Ramis, Kevin Smith, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Dennis Haysbert, Jeremy Davies, Tim Daly, William Forsythe, Hayden Panettiere and Adrian Grenier.

If you don't want to screen films all weekend, there are also a number of other events held in conjunction with the festival. Our favorite non-film activities include the Opening and Closing Night parties and Friday Night Concert with musicians from the acclaimed Hotel Cafe in L.A. Definitely try to see the music - it is an atmosphere like nothing you'll see in Vail any other time of year.

Hope to see you there and let us know if you need any other VFF attendee insight!